The "My China Story" International Short Video Competition, starting in 2018, is an annual event sponsored by China International Communications Group(CICG). It aims to build an influential competition for foreigners to create short videos about China and offer an inclusive platform for international content creators and various collaborations.

The 5th “My China Story” International Short Video Competition received 57,865 works from more than 80 countries. After three rounds of selections by 26 professional judges from the fields of film and television, international communication and the internet from at home and abroad, 96 prize-winning works were picked, including 36 Themed Topic Award winners, 7 Individual Award winners and 1 Grand Jury Prize winner, as well as 52 Outstanding Awards winners. The winning works present stories of a trustworthy, lovable and respectable China in multiple dimensions and various forms. The videos of the two categories “Traveling in Henan, Understanding China” and “Wonderful Tour of Zhengzhou” are displayed in this special column.